Monday, November 18, 2013

Will you listen to yourself?

I was up at 4:30 this morning to help my parents with a medical appointment, and I haven't eaten so great today, either, so it figures I'm dragging come mid-afternoon, about the time I really should be gearing up to run to the gym, lift some heavy stuff, and run home.

And man, I just can't do it. Since I'm normally pretty excited to go work out and I've been enjoying the gym, I spent a few more beats thinking about why I'm glued to the couch instead of lacing up my sneakers.

What I realized is that last week was one of my heaviest workout weeks ever. The mileage wasn't crazy, but since most of it was trail miles, which are harder and more intense than road miles, it felt like a lot more.

Saturday: Trail run (5M) (1:45 hr)
Sunday: Hockey (1 hr)
Monday: Run to gym, lift, run home (hilly 3.4M) (1:10 hr)
Tuesday: Trail run (7.3M) (1:53 hr)
Wednesday: Run to gym, workout with trainer, run home (hilly 3.3M) (1:30 hr)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Trail run (7.9M) (2:22 hr)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Hockey (1 hr)

So, well over an hour per day of working out, on average, never mind the half marathon I raced the weekend before. No wonder I'm pooped!

I can tell I'm going to be irritated with myself if I don't do some kind of physical activity today though, so I'm finally going to break out my beloved Pilates for Dummies DVD, which I haven't touched in about 10 years because I lost it somewhere along the way and found it when we moved in March. If that doesn't wear me out, maybe I'll hit up my favorite yoga DVD, too.

My body is just craving a workout where I get to lay on the floor a lot. I'm gonna listen to my body. Please knock if you hear snoring.

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